Cake Toppers & Sugar Models

Sugar Models & Cake Toppers

We can create a wide range of bespoke, handmade sugar models to top our 6", 8" & 10" layer cakes and add the finishing touch to your cake.  Browse our images to see what we've made recently or get in touch to discuss your own idea!

Each model will be displayed on a platform for you to place on your cake when you're ready to serve.  Due to the nature of each model and the degree of detail required, prices may vary.  

Please note:
Although our models are made from sugar, they are not generally suitable for consumption as they often contain wires, wooden skewers or polystyrene elements to help support/create them.  Therefore, we'd recommend they be kept as keepsakes.  As such,  they will keep indefinitely when stored out of direct heat and sunlight. 

  • bettyboomodel
  • doctopper
  • unicorntopper
  • flopsy18
  • peter&benjamin
  • dino
  • minimouse18
  • obewan18
  • rapunzeltopper
  • moominmama
  • brideandgroom
  • minionbridegroom
  • littlelion
  • new peter rabbit
  • scoobydoo
  • Scoobytopper
  • Dangermouse
  • hey dugee
  • poohmodel18
  • peter2019
  • winnie the pooh
  • 60 beach cake
  • circuslion
  • mermaidtopper
  • familytopper
  • mrtumbletopper
  • Gru minion
  • kittytopper
  • PB model layer
  • olaftopper
  • mrstiggywinkletopper
  • fishertopper
  • dino4topper
  • dadtopper
  • birdtopper